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Why should data analysts learn SQL?

If you are planning to develop your career in business or data analytics, you should take up online SQL server 2012 training. There are many institutes that provide online SQL training in India. The syllabus of the training program is designed keeping in mind the working requirements of data analysts.

Some business analytics courses also include online SQL Server 2012 training as a part of the syllabus. However, if that’s not a part of the curriculum of the training program, then you can study it separately. Are you wondering why you should study SQL to become a good data analyst? Let’s see the reasons:

When you’re handling enormous amounts of data, an excel sheet or any other spreadsheet editor. Plus, the chances of errors are higher. For serious data analysis, you will definitely need more space than the 65k rows available in spreadsheets. SQL database will give you a huge amount of space to store, manipulate, and analyze huge volumes of data. Plus, SQL queries simplify your tasks and give you accurate results when compared to the formulae used in spreadsheets.

There are lots of other tasks that you can do using SQL queries.

  • You can query databases or database extracts to extract the relevant information required for your analysis
  • Build small databases to design and support prototypes
  • Use the small database for business analysis and data management
  • Get accurate reports using different types of criteria

If the organization has data dictionaries and entity relationship diagrams, then you can make optimum use of the available data if you are able to use the right SQL queries. Most businesses are automating their operations and business process systems. If you are involved in management or testing of new processes, then your knowledge of SQL will definitely give you an edge.

Take your career to the next level by improving your technical skills and working knowledge of SQL. Check out the various online SQL training courses in India, and apply to the best one.

January 24, 2017

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