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Oracle Business Analytics

What is Oracle Business Analytics?

Oracle Business Analytics gives you a better ways to look into your data. You can do your own visual analysis to discover new examples initially. Blend and twist any data with a click, and then share the bits of knowledge as a visual story. Oracle Business Analytics is instantly available on mobile, on premises and in the cloud. It is Easy and Engaging, Secure and Adaptive.

Information in each shape, at any scale, is going standard. Now no longer the data is viewed as a liability and IT headache, information has turned into a point of convergence for administrators. Because of its intense act of providing business value, Business Analytics currently seen as capital, one of an organization’s most significant resources and most valuable assets.

Oracle Analytic Solutions

Oracle Data Visualization: Get moment clarity to enhance your business with stunningly visual analysis and self-benefit disclosure. Presently, more individuals can investigate more information and increase new experiences quicker. Oracle Data Visualization makes easy yet powerful visual analytics, accessible to everyone. You can drag and drop to see your data visualized automatically and change layouts.  If you have questions about your data, search just like you would online, or brow to see the guided navigation to find what you’re looking for everything on the screen is connected, helping you more quickly understand and find value in your information When you uncover new insights, you can add comments to them to create visual stories that can be securely shared throughout the organization. It accessible on premises, in the cloud, and on the desktop and instant mobile.

Highlights of Oracle Data Visualization are that it gives you the best of both actions: precise, reliable analysis you can depend on and the usability and speed you have to change it.


Features of Data Visualization

Visual: Rich, intuitive visuals demonstrate the story in your information and make it simple for you to share bits of knowledge. A basic, consistent affair expels the limits amongst disclosure and show, making it simple to see your information, work with representations, and make convincing dashboards and stories. Rapidly observe designs by selecting information in one perception, which highlights related information in everything else on the screen. Perceptions show naturally in view of the information you select, changing wisely as you include more characteristics or new channels.

Easy: As easy as you expect—upload your data, then drag and drop your way to compelling analysis.

Fast: Find answers on a quick click for exploration of all your data.

Smart: Interpret your data with visuals that are automatically connected and contextual.

Connected: Automatically analyse data from multiple sources and easily create intelligent integrations.

Instant Mobile: Full mobile authorization is at your fingertips – all it takes is a touch. See your analysis on any device, automatically – no coding required. Secure online and off. An adaptive approach optimizes the layout for phones and tablets, for an interface that’s easy to use on every device.


Oracle Advance Analytics: Oracle Advanced Analytics enables information and business examiners to extricate learning, find new experiences and make expectations working specifically with expansive information volumes in the Oracle Database. Oracle Advanced Analytics, a choice of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, offers a mix of effective in database calculations and open source R calculations, available by means of SQL and R dialects, and gives a scope of GUI and IDE alternatives focusing on the range from business clients to information researchers. Prophet Advanced Analytics empowers associations to quickly assemble and convey venture investigative applications which are exceedingly adaptable and promptly coordinate with both endeavor business procedures and BI Environments.

Oracle Advanced Analytics, in database implementation of high-performance data mining and Statistical algorithms extends your Oracle Database into a powerful advanced analytical Platform.

 It allows you to solve business problems such as:

Predicting client conduct

Anticipating cross/up offer open doors

Improving advertising effort reaction rates

Identifying clients prone to stir.

Analyzing “advertise crate” to find affiliations, patterns and connections

Reducing extortion at each administration point in the business.

Anticipating future product request.

With Oracle Advanced Analytics, you can find designs covered up in huge information volumes, find new bits of knowledge, make forecasts and instantly change the raw data information to significant piece of knowledge. Oracle Advanced Analytics is intended to convey prescient and progressed analytics to extensive venture and operational situations.

Key Features:

  • Powerful and scalable architecture for performing in database predictive analytics, data mining and statistics.
  • Easy to use: SQL Developer/Oracle Data Miner workflow GUI or any R GUI work directly on database tables/views.
  • Scalable, parallel in database execution for data mining model build, model apply and associated data preparation and transformations.
  • Integration with open source R algorithms.
  • Functionality accessible via SQL, PL/SQL, R and database APIs.
  • Enterprise wide integrated feature of the Oracle Database.
  • Seamless support for enterprise analytical applications and BI environments.

Oracle Advanced Analytics decreases multifaceted nature and paces improvement and arrangement of investigation by giving all centre logical abilities and dialects on a straightforward effective in database design. These systematic capacities incorporate data mining calculations, SQL functions for fundamental factual strategies, and combination with open source R for measurable programming and access to a more extensive arrangement of measurable strategies. Business investigators, information researchers and analysts can get to this analytics by means of SQL or R language, applying these calculations specifically against information put away inside the Oracle Database. Oracle Advanced Analytics enhances execution of R projects by giving a R to SQL straightforwardness layer that maps R capacities and calculations to local in database SQL reciprocals wherever conceivable. At the point when in database reciprocals are not accessible for contributed R bundles, Oracle Progressed Analytics can run them by means of installed R mode permitting the database to deal with the whole information administration and investigative process. These diagnostic strategies execute in the Oracle Database. Since Oracle Advanced Analytics is incorporated as a major aspect of the Oracle Database, there is no requirement for partitioned logical servers with discrete devoted equipment assets and particular aptitudes an impressive cost reserve funds. Oracle Advanced Analytics conveys a wide scope of investigative strategies for comprehending huge Enterprise wide information driven issues. Examination helps you effectively move past business knowledge into prescient investigation to help you be more fruitful.



  • Powerful and Scalable Architecture
  • Enables easy integration of analytics into enterprise applications
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Maintains security
  • Optimized for Exadata

Oracle Human Resources Analytics gives organization extended analysis on HR projects and workforce execution. It coordinates critical information from over the venture esteem chain changing storehouses of data into significant, auspicious, and noteworthy knowledge. For instance, managers can better comprehend the effect of pay on worker execution by corresponding pay with representative execution and turnover measurements. Whether they are executive, managers, or line managers, clients get applicable, auspicious, and significant data straightforwardly through customized dashboards, metrics, and alerts. Oracle Human Resources Analytics is a secluded part of Oracle’s group of coordinated Business Intelligence Applications — effective, pre-constructed systematic answers for convey vigorous monetary data over the organization esteem affix to improve client, provider, and budgetary examination.

Through intelligence dashboards, Oracle Human Resources Analytics gives intense metrics, alerts, and reports to executive , HR experts and line

mangers , empowering them to see how workforce components are influencing individual department and take proper actions. Managers and bleeding edge expert like front line managers receive critical data on staffing, recruitment, workforce development, workforce cost, and differing qualities at levels of detail, for example, by geology, job classification, division, pay grade, and so on.

How Oracle HR Analytics Provide Better Business Results:

Oracle Human Resources Analytics coordinates information from HR, finance and other endeavour  frameworks and changes it into coordinated, simple to-utilize, and noteworthy understanding into how different elements affect workforce and business execution. Oracle Human Resources Analytics empowers organizations to manage effectively and enhance business execution by:

Enhancing profitability through more viable workforce cost control. Managers can see how to improve staffing levels to guarantee acceptable conveyance of administration while keeping up the least viable headcount. They can likewise comprehend the effect of paying overtime as opposed to including new workers overall productivity.

HR and business leaders can pick up visibility into top or base performing employees and inner versatility to better create and hold key abilities, comprehend the effect of workforce turnover on execution and costs and proactively distinguish and evacuate maintenance inconvenience spots.

The ability to associate workforce data with operational measures to better understand the causal impact of workforce investment on operational outcomes. For instance, service managers can understand the effect of staffing levels and compensation on contact centre performance, for example, average handle time, cost per call and relinquishment rates. They can likewise associate this data with administration conveyance expenses and consumer satisfaction levels.

Human Resource Analytics and OBIEE Platform:

Oracle Human Resources Analytics is based on the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition platform, a next-generation analytics platform that completely influences existing data warehouse and business intelligence ventures. It is fabricated utilizing standards-based technology empowering simple incorporation with existing IT situations and backings all driving social and OLAP data sources. In addition, Oracle Human Resources Analytics gives support to substantial quantities of concurrent users with local support for mobile and tablet gadgets, multi-terabyte data sets, and the largest enterprise implementations.

Applications for Oracle Human Resource Analytics:

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