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Hadoop –The game changer in Technologies

Hadoop –The game changer in technologies

If you are an engineer in the software field, there are key technologies that you could learn to sky rocket your career. With the advent of newer technologies, there is a dearth of people who are up to date with the current advancements leave alone being proficient in them. Mastering these new technologies would give you an edge over others. Hadoop is one such technology that you should consider getting trained in. It is used by all the software giants from Google to IBM. Knowledge in such aspects would set you apart from others and increase your value to the organization and will make your resume stand out as compared to that of others. Read on to find out all you need to know about Hadoop and you will certainly end up searching for Hadoop training courses by the end of the article!

Hadoop is a java based programming framework employed to process extremely large volumes of data in a distributed computing environment. Interestingly, the creator of this technology that has been inspired by Google’s Map Reduce had named it after his kid’s toy! The gist of it is this: an application can be broken down to numerous small parts and these can be run on nodes in the cluster. This framework understands and assigns the work to the nodes in the cluster after breaking down the application into parts. Though this sounds simple, the idea changes the dynamics of large scale computing. It provides a scalable, flexible, fault tolerant and cost effective computing environment. Hadoop is majorly used for structuring data and making sense out of it. This is indeed a hot cake of a technology and training in it would certainly improve your employability quotient. If you are a working professional, look up Hadoop big data online training and prepare yourself for a glittering career.

Make sure that the training center you choose employs skilled professionals who are experts in the field. This way, you would get an insight into the industry and understand the way it works. This would also bridge the gap that is often found between training and real world application of the technology. Commercial applications of this technology include web crawling, image processing, marketing analysis, text processing and general archiving. It is also used in click stream analysis of various kinds. Zero in on one of the Hadoop training courses and you could land jobs in esteemed organizations like Facebook, Google and Yahoo. These companies employ this technology in their search engines and knowledge of it would be a sure way to at least get an interview scheduled with them.


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