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About the Course:

Data Science is known to be a rapidly emerging field. It is considered the most happening career option sought after in the century. Why is it so? The answer is simple! There are enormous amounts of data that are generated by any business or industry sector in a wide range of areas – social media, search engines, hospitals, healthcare organizations, defence, retail, e-commerce, – the list is endless. There is a need for professionals who are trained to analyze, scrutiny and visualise the data, generate reports that would add a great deal of meaning and value to the respective sector. This is what our trained Data Scientists coming out from institutes offering the best Data Science training in Bangalore do.

Advantage of Joining GITS Academy

Want the best Data Science training in Bangalore? Join us! We are one of the best Data Science institute in Bangalore offering training to deep skilled people and turning them into hardcore analysts who can make effective decisions.

How can we make a difference?

Pursuing your Data Science training in Bangalore with us would entail you to a number of benefits.

We provide the best training in Data Science to students and professionals. This aids them in effectively implementing their knowledge in the career path that they have chosen.

Our faculty are none other than industry-level experts. They are highly professional and competent and provide and adhere to the best training regimen.

We enable smart online classroom lectures. This gives the students easy access to superior training sessions from anywhere.

As a student in out academy, you get complete access to all our resources and study material.

Our classroom sessions are interactive and not a one-way lecture therapy. The sessions put a lot of emphasis on self-learning.

For the benefit of those who successfully complete the course with us, we offer placement opportunities with assistance on skills like aptitude tests, interview sessions, resume skills, etc.

We make learning easy and, interesting, affordable and accessible to millions of aspiring students who wish to get into the best Data Science institute in Bangalore. We create a platform for students by using the state-of-art- technology in classroom sessions and enforce a unique learning process by means of live 24×7 online courses.

We believe in empowering knowledge by using your skills and potential to the maximum!

Best Data Science Courses at Bangalore

Are you searching for the best data science courses at Bangalore? Your online search has brought you to the right page. Gits Academy is one of the leading training institutes in Bangalore that offers comprehensive and customizable data sciences courses in India.

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Information is the greatest asset of any business. Getting the right information at the right time can make a difference between success and failure. That’s why many companies are investing in the best data scientists who can bring to the table valid and relevant information that can be used to make important business decisions. If you too want to be an important part of a company and keep going up the corporate ladder of success, you need to equip yourself with the right set of skills and certifications. Gits Academy in Bangalore offers data science training for working professionals who want to improve their resume and skill sets. Though there are many training institutes in Bangalore that offer Data Science training, Gits Academy stands apart from the rest. Our training programs include classroom sessions, live interaction sessions, as well as assessments and tests. Moreover, we have trainers who are subject matter experts with ample industry experts. Our trainers will make use of real time scenarios to explain the various concepts and theories of Big Data. This will help you effectively apply your learning in the work place.

The curriculum of the Data Science Course Online in India includes text analysis using R, R for Data Science, elementary statistics, predictive analysis, machine learning, applied mathematics, and computer science. Students will also be taught consumer behavior, operations research, applied mathematics, and decision theory as a part of the course studies. Once you complete the online certification course in data science, you will be able to identify important data, classify it according to the requirements, and manipulate the data to find the relevant information. You will also learn how to get valid data from relevant sources. The data science training program will also give you insights on using graphs, charts, and other visual media to present your findings. You will know how to make optimum use of software programs, tools, and technology for data mining and data analysis. The course duration is 115 hours, which includes both online training and classroom sessions.

Sign up for the best data science courses in Bangalore Gits Academy. We aim to provide the best training programs at affordable prices. In our training institute, we accept both individuals and groups from firms and companies. We also provide assistance to learning and development teams in corporate companies by providing consistent training programs. Whether you want to train new employees or arrange for skill development programs for your current employees, we will suggest data science courses in India that will best suit your needs.

If you still want to know more about the data scientist course in India, you can contact us via email or phone call. You can also visit our head office in Bangalore and meet our experts in person to understand the various details of the data science training program in Bangalore.

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November 19, 2016

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