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Business Analytics and Data Visualization hold the key to smart decision making! Get QlikView Online Training for Data Visualization and business intelligence @ GITS Academy Bangalore and forge your career!


A hands QlikView online training on Data Visualization & BI, will be given on QlikView Developer and Designer. Our QlikView online Data Visualization course will take you from a first introduction to QlikView right through to advanced subjects such as complex data transformations, advanced expressions, set analysis and data visualization techniques in just 30 hrs. At the end of the course, you will be well equipped to design and build your own end-to-end QlikView applications following user experience and performance best practices.

Course Fetures

8 days Classroom
30hrs of Live Weekend Training
30 hrs online Training
Live Project based learning
Multiple Assignments

Real-world examples

Certified instructors

Training By Industry Experts

Custom-designed courses

Learning objective of QlikView

At the end of the QlikView-Data Visualization training the participants would learn/use/acquire the following techniques:
  • QlikView data model in QlikView
  • How to use of QlikView sheet objects
  • Visual representation of Data
  • Visualization design
  • Develop user-centered workflows
  • Organize and structure information
  • Create QlikView applications
  • Build a QlikView application
  • Define the advanced uses of the script editor
  • Use, Transformative Functions in the scrip


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Course Curriculum

QlikView Desktop- An Introduction 00:00:00
Installing QlikView FREE 00:11:27
QlikView file components (.qvw, .qvd, .qvs file)• Basic Layout and Navigation 00:00:00
Connecting to data sources (heterogeneous) Window(FARS Database) 00:00:00
Generating QVD 00:00:00
Fetching data from QVD 00:00:00
Building data model 00:00:00
QlikView object – Charts (including pivot table)• Drill-down and cyclic groups 00:00:00
Mapping tables, inline tables 00:00:00
Creating a calendar 00:00:00
Advanced scripting 00:00:00
Security – Section access 00:00:00
Read Only, Hide Excluded, Show Alternatives, Always one selected value 00:00:00
Expanding to multiple columns – single Row with multiple columns 00:00:00
Caption – Search enabled 00:00:00
Allow Minimize, Adding expression for all the product 00:00:00
Adding simple text box 00:00:00
Adding URL to open on click 00:00:00
Adding application action 00:00:00
Conditional Display 00:00:00
Active and Inactive Caption 00:00:00
Simple addition of multiple metrics 00:00:00
Grid Layout 00:00:00
Scroll 00:00:00
Table Box 00:00:00
INPUT BOX 00:00:00
Buttons and Actions 00:00:00
Search Object for multiple fields 00:00:00
Limit when to collapse search result 00:00:00
Simple Bar chart 00:00:00
Using Pivot Tables – Simple 00:00:00
Add calculated dimension to Pivot Table 00:00:00
Move Columns to Rows 00:00:00
Add simple Bar Charts =Show data points, show limited entries, 00:00:00
Change Chart Title as per customer name 00:00:00
Detach Option 00:00:00
Containers 00:00:00
QVD Creation 00:00:00
Building the script: Exclude a customer, Exclude multiple customers 00:00:00
Concatenate 2 fields, Extract left chars from Product Id 00:00:00
If else in Script, Single Multi Line -Comment a field to exclude 00:00:00
Adding a fixed coded column 00:00:00
Adding Let/Set Statement – scripting 2 00:00:00
Adding Variable from Variable Overview window 00:00:00
Currency conversion using variable value[if else] 00:00:00
Putting the vSales variable in Variables Window 00:00:00
Putting = sign with vSales variable 00:00:00
Adding Money Format to amount 00:00:00
Set Expression – For a particular Customer only the sales value 00:00:00
Set Expression – isolate from selection in Product Table 00:00:00
Set Expression – Wild Card 00:00:00
TRACE Option in Script Editor 00:00:00


Qlikview is an advanced tool that is used for data visualization. This business intelligence tool is increasingly being used in many companies and firms to present data in a visual format. This visualization tool helps users easily navigate to the various features and options to create graphs and charts of the data. Moreover, this tool is easy to use, control, and customize. This tool simplifies data analysis, making it possible for anyone to use the tool. Qlikview has an in-memory data model and in-memory data model, which allows you to input and manipulate large volumes of data at a time. The dashboard is self-explanatory and easy to navigate. Plus, Qlikview allows you to add multiple dimensions or make modifications in just a few seconds. All the features make it the most preferred choice for data visualization in many companies. If you are a data scientist or plan to become a business analyst, you can definitely take up Qlikview Online Training program. A Business Intelligence Certification will definitely boost your resume and give you better job opportunities.

Data Visualization Online Training program will definitely give you the necessary skills to become a better business analyst. Plus, the certification will make your resume stand out from the others who have applied for the same position. Gits Academy offers the best Qlikview online training in India. Located in Bangalore, this training institute offers diploma and certification programs for students and working professionals. It offers most of the popular online business analytics courses in India. Gits Academy aims to provide high-quality education at affordable prices. The training includes classroom sessions, live interactive sessions, and self-learning.

If you want to study Qlikview online training in India, Gits Academy is your best choice. We give you detailed course materials that will help you understand the various concepts of Qlikview Data Visualization tools and features. The Qlikview Bi Dashboard Training will help you make the most of the features available on this data visualization tool. The course syllabus includes introduction to QlikView and data visualization techniques. You will also learn about advanced expressions, data transformations, and set analysis in this training program. The Qlikview Online Training program has a duration of 30vhours, which includes 8 days of classroom sessions, 30 hours of online training, and 30 hours of live weekend training. The trainers are subject matter experts with ample industrial experience. They will make use of real time scenarios to teach the various concepts and theories of data visualization.

Gits Academy awards a certificate on successful completion of the Qlikview Online Training program. You can also avail placement assistance offered by the training institute to find a good job in a reputed company. If you want to apply for any of the online business analytics courses in India, come to Gits Academy. Mail or call us to get all the relevant details. You can also visit us at our head office in Bangalore to find out more about the Qlikview Data Visualization training program schedule and fees.

Professionals/Students looking to build a career in Data Analytics and professional growth in Business Analytics field are best suited for QlikView-Data Visualization Dashboard Training. Professionals who are in Data Reporting activity who want to present rich looking reports with a professional touch with minimal effort.

Register for our QlikView-Data Visualization training in Bangalore today and create a wonderful career map for yourself!

Business across the globe are evolving at a breathtaking pace and the need to make decisions instantly has also grown multi-fold. Decision making at the Top Executive level is no more an intuitive or hunch-driven thought process. It has to be backed with data and based on data and thorough information. To quickly assimilate a huge amount of data, there is now huge demand for Business Intelligence tools that can help the Top Executives give a quick snapshot of the complete picture of Business. These tools are nowadays an utmost necessity as they help the Management keep an eye on the pulse of the business.

There is a huge gamut of BI tools that are there in the market today which help Business in one or other way. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant has ranked Qlikview in the Leader’s segment in the BI products category and Qlikview has been able to maintain its stance for past several quarters which is enough of a reflection of Qlikview’s popularity among the major CIOs of the world from almost all the domains including Finance, Banking, Insurance/Actuaries, Automobiles, Pharma, FMCG, Retails, CPG, Manufacturing, Utilities, etc.

QlikView popularity can be attributed to the large number of features that it offers. Not only it has a low deployment time its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is also lower compared to several other BI tools.

It is easy to learn QlikView as it has a low Learning curve and also is very easy to be followed and understood for the end user. Since most of the companies/organizations are deploying Qlikview to serve their Data Visualization and Business Analysis needs there is huge Demand Supply gap in terms of required manpower with the desired skillset.

Qlikview Developers are having a very absorption rate in the Analytics industry which is no more a strong hold of the big IT firms as it was the case earlier. Every kind of Business be it small, medium or a large enterprise is looking for manpower which can take care of Qlikview setup, prepare dashboards, and prepare business reports for them.

In short, the demand for Qlikview developers is at its peek at the moment and is a promising field for people who want to enter the Data Visualization arena today.

In our curriculum we shall Qlikview from a beginner’s perspective and will hand hold the Candidate from day 1 until we reach to an Intermediate level of learning. The sessions will take up scenarios which one would expect in a corporate environment making the candidate aware of all the capabilities of the tool and help him/her gain a strong foothold in the subject.

The sessions are also going to be supplemented with sufficient number of assignments which would help one to practice and master the concepts, post any session. We have a good ecosystem of all the resources that would make one aware about all the functionalities that Qlikview offers.

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    I have done Qlikview course and now I am working in a private firm. Gits training institute have high-quality teaching faculty. And very supportive and helpful.

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