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This Course will introduce you to Python and how to use it for statistical data analysis, Data Management Machine learning and Data Visualization. in-depth Sessions will be delivered on python ecosystem, Libraries like- NUMPY, SCIPY, PANDAS, SCIKIT-LEARN, matplotlib, SEABORN .

Course Highlights

 40 hrs of Instructor-Led Online Training

  4-5 Real-time Project work  

  15+ Assignments

  Classroom Recording access 

 Knowledge of statistics for Machine Learning

  Classes by 7-10 year of experienced professionals

  Software installation support 

  Class notes/ hands-on Examples

  • Flexible Timing
  • Course Material Sharing
  • Live assignment
  • Downloadable recordings
  • s/w installation help
  • Post-training email support

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  • Weekend Class Timing
  • 100% Live Practices
  • Daily assignment
  • access to prerecorded sessions
  • s/w installation help
  • Post-training live support

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  • Delivery models ( ILT online / instructor-led onsite )
  • Need-based Content analysis & customization
  • Access to the learning management system (LMS)
  • Pre and Post Training Assessments
  • Post-training email support &Feedback reviews


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Why is data Science so important?

In recent years, a very large amount of business data is generated by companies and Social media. Approximately- Daily 2.5 billion GB of data are created-(according to IBM report)

In this competitive market such data, create an opportunity for the companies to deliver excellent customer experience and services. However, enterprises have set up their big data platform to handle big data using the platform like, Hadoop, Spark and nosql. The big data platform can collect and handle data efficiently, but the later challenge is in terms of analyzing data and get insights to make it meaning full to develop a high standard business process.

Data science and machine learning  Techniques to help in unlocking data insights using the statistical Data Modelling & algorithms. Despite conventional Business analytics, based on past data- performance, data science can handle and identify the unidentified data patterns, beyond traditional data analysis it enables to analyse unstructured data, such as speech, text data & even image data to get more accurate insights.

data flow for data analysis

What is machine learning?

In simple words’ Machine learning is, “Building models of data “.
Machine learning is built of statistical or mathematical models to understand the data as information. Machine learning is the next level of data mining, which can complement human decisions up to the certain extent by taking actions automatically based on patterns received.

Machine Learning explaned

About Python Data Science Course

This Course will introduce you to Python and how to use it for statistical data analysis, Data Management and Data Visualization.

Before data can be analyzed, there are multiple steps involved, including Data preparation, Data import, cleaning and transforming data. This course is comprised of  2-parts:

An overview of basic and intermediate Pandas, demonstrating how effectively panda manipulates datasets in memory. You will have hands on experience on indexing, alignment, join/merge methods, date/time types, and handling of missing data.

Another part of this course will cover plotting and visualization using Pandas and Matplotlib, focusing on creating effective visual representations of your data, statistical data modeling using some of the advanced functions in Numpy,Scipy and Pandas.

Why Python for Data Analysis?

Python is an easy language to learn and is a very powerful solution for complex Data Analysis tasks.

Python was developed and used for the first time in 1991 by Guido Van Rossem. Since then Python has become one of the most popular, dynamic, programming languages in the world of Computer Programming. Python is basically a scripting language, which is easy to learn and quick to code in form of scripts.

Python is also very popular among Mathematicians and Data analysts. It is an open source tool– free to install along with online community support.

Python Data Science Online Course

Course Curriculum

Basics of Python for Data Analysis
Why learn Python for data analysis? Details 00:00:00
Python 2.7 v/s 3.4 Details 00:00:00
How to install Python? (Windows, Apple OS X, GNU/Linux) Details 00:00:00
Running a few simple programs in Python Details 00:00:00
Python libraries and data structures
Python Data Structures Details 00:00:00
Python Iteration and Conditional Constructs Details 00:00:00
Python Libraries (NumPy, pandas matplotlib, IPython SciPy) Details 00:00:00
Introduction to Pandas
Importing data Details 00:00:00
Series and DataFrame objects Details 00:00:00
Indexing, data selection and subsetting Details 00:00:00
Hierarchical indexing Details 00:00:00
Reading and writing files Details 00:00:00
Date/time types Details 00:00:00
String conversion Details 00:00:00
Missing data Details 00:00:00
Data summarization Details 00:00:00
Data Wrangling with Pandas
Indexing, selection and subsetting Details 00:00:00
Reshaping DataFrame objects Details 00:00:00
Pivoting Details 00:00:00
Alignment Details 00:00:00
Data aggregation and GroupBy operations Details 00:00:00
Merging and joining DataFrame objects Details 00:00:00
Plotting and Visualization
Time series plots Details 00:00:00
Grouped plots Details 00:00:00
Scatterplots Details 00:00:00
Histograms Details 00:00:00
Visualization pro tips Details 00:00:00
Statistical Data Modeling
Fitting data to probability distributions Details 00:00:00
Linear models Details 00:00:00
Spline models Details 00:00:00
Time series analysis Details 00:00:00
Bayesian models Details 00:00:00


Python Data Science & machine Learning online classes are live sessions (Instructor-led training).

Python Data Science & machine Learning online classes are Conducted for US and UK Students at flexible & Different batches as per USA & UK Time zone.

There are separate online classes for all the Asian, European countries. We deliver Python as well as other Business analyst and Data science courses. All the sessions are recorded and the session recording is shared with all the participants. All these trainings are conducted by real-time professionals, which helps participants to learn the technology from the real-time working experts.

If you are working in the Data Analytics field, using tools SAS, R or Excel and planning add new skills in your portfolio, you can put-on. Any Data scientist, statistician, software engineer who needs to perform Data Analysis can definitely use Python all kinds of Analysis related tasks. This course is also a perfect option for someone who plans to enter into the Data Analytics domain and wants to start with a simple, yet very powerful programming language.

Basically, python is an easy to learn scripting language, so any newcomer can learn this course. It will be an added advantage if you have basic knowledge of programming or command line scripting.

This course is available with us in both Classroom and Online Delivery formats. The overall duration is 40 hours.

Classroom Course at the Institute- All the classes are conducted on weekends. Each session is conducted for 4 hrs Saturday and Sundays. For online training you can choose your preferred time slots  and then depending upon the availability of the trainer, batches shall be assigned.  Course participants will be given access to a private discussion board.

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