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What is Tom Sawyer ?

Tom Sawyer Software is a software company, which is used to build graph and data visualization and social network analysis applications. Companies use these applications to understand trends, relationships, and patterns in complex data sets in order to recognize developing opportunities and threats.

Tom Sawyer Visualization is a total Software Development Kit to build high-performance enterprise data visualization applications. It conveys precise, feature rich and high quality software engineering supplemented with solid documentation, programming instructional and extended API descriptions. Tom Sawyer Visualization underpins the Data Visualization and Visual Interaction layers of the Tom Sawyer data visualization reference architecture designs.

Tom Sawyer Visualization is best for developers who need to build visualization applications with exact requirements and including a high degree of customization. It empowers developers to include advanced user interface presentation services into their applications.

What the participants will learn from Tom Sawyer corporate Training at Gits Academy?

  • A graphical nested drawing data model and interfaces for both high-speed batch-loading and interactive diagramming. The interactive system provides command processing and multi-level “undo and redo” support.
  • Application developers can access a rich selection of tools for highlighting, viewing and editing.
  • They can also create custom toolbars, tooltips, and context menus for their applications to enable domain specific application behaviors.
  • An advanced graphics architecture in which the drawing canvas background, nodes, edges, connectors and labels each can have rich attributed graphical decorations.
  • Advanced diagramming functionality that includes moving selected nodes, resizing nodes, cut, copy, paste, duplicate, interactive edge routing, and advanced routing and labelling facilities.
  • An advanced event management system lets end user applications respond to graphical, structural, and topological changes made to the drawings. This enables the application data model to stay in sync with the graphical drawing data model.

Why to choose Gits Academy for Tom Sawyer Corporate Training?

Gits Academy conveyed a huge number of corporate trainings and we are considered as one of the best corporate training partner for Tom Sawyer training. Gits Academy Faculty is best in preparing the training needs relating to Tom Sawyer corporate training. We have a pool of coaches who are very much experienced, confirmed, qualified for preparing and are thought to be the best in the business. Gits Academy delivers corporate trainings on Tom Sawyer over the globe. Our trainers have extensive experience in end-to-end Tom Sawyer training which also handles the scenario oriented topics

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