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Time management is the act and drive process of planning, exercising and conscious control over the amount of time spend on particular activities, especially to increase efficiency or effectiveness and productivity.

Our Time Management Corporate Training Program at Gits Academy is designed to help employees significantly to improve their productivity by learning to manage time more efficiently and effectively. Beside this, effective time management is one skill that is critical and crucial for all leaders. Time skill also plays a crucial role in one’s ability to manage stress.

Time Management Skills Training provided by GITS Academy helps participant to learn:

  • How to recognize key components of effective goal setting, through time management
  • To discover your self-management opportunities and time management strengths.
  • Learn how to manage multiple priorities based on urgency and validity.
  • To redirect your efforts to the most important and valid tasks.
  • Learn to identify ways to deal with distractions and remove interruptions.
  • To set priorities and set group goals.
  • How to discover quick and easy ways to take care the non-valid tasks.
  • To implement tools and techniques for effective multi-tasking and arranging and scheduling abilities.

Who Should Learn Time Management Skill?

All levels of management can take up this course.

Training Topics

Organizing Your Day

  • 80:20 Rule or Pareto Principle of Time Management
  • Job Analysis
  • Activity Logs
  • To Do Lists & prioritization

Dealing with Common Time Wasters

  • Interruptions
  • Shifting Priorities
  • Too Much Information
  • Travel


  • Causes
  • Ways to Overcome Procrastination


  • Why Delegate?
  • The Delegation Process
  • Delegation for Time Management
  • Delegation for Succession Planning

Work life balance

  • Balancing your life wheel
  • Ways to manage work-life balance
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