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In today’s competitive world customers are becoming more demanding. They are selecting suppliers that can help them to increase their investment and reducing the potential risk, this says working in partnership with your clients.

This strategic Selling Training Course will provides the understanding of sales tools to enable sales people to develop and design a Strategic approach to build long term constructive partnerships with clients. It will help salespeople to identify all the key players in the customer’s organisation, understanding their level of impact and their purposes behind purchasing, and prompts the essential information which allows the sale to go through unopposed. Salespeople will be prepared to assess how their proposal fares against the competition and how to separate their organization by taking advantage of its unique strengths and qualities.

Strategic Selling Corporate Training provided by GITS Academy helps participant:

  • To understand what Strategy really means.
  • To demonstrate how to find your Unique Selling Proposition.
  • To illustrate and understand what Strategic Selling means.
  • To learn the importance of the buying process and supplier selection.
  • To show why we required to know the Decision Makers and Buying Influences.
  • To demonstrate how to recognise the Threats or Opportunities with Customers.
  • To learn how to set, monitor and evaluate Sales Targets and know objectives.
  • To illustrate how to develop and design a Strategic Sales Plan.
  • To learn how to negotiate at all levels.
  • To design and demonstrate how to prepare and deliver successful Sales Presentations.

Who Should Attend Strategic Selling Training?

People experienced in sales, sales managers and account managers.

Strategic Selling course content

  • How selling has changed over the years
  • Key account selling rules
  • Creating and evaluating the strategic plan
  • Gauging the likelihood of a successful outcome
  • Identifying the people who have a say in the decision and understanding their level of influence
  • Identifying weaknesses in the proposal and turning them into strengths
  • Discovering their reasons for buying
  • Clarifying their attitudes towards the proposal and the effect it will have on their personal work environments
  • Identifying the people who are preventing a sale being made and creating a plan to counter
  • Knowing how competitive the proposal is
  • How to prise business away from the competition
  • How to hang on to it once it has been won
June 16, 2017
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