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What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud based “IT Service management tool”, which is developing exponentially in the space of ITSM and IT Governance. Organizations around the globe are executing ServiceNow to make a solitary structure of record for big enterprise IT, diminish the IT operational expenses and to enhance the viability and proficiency. ServiceNow is a superb platform to create custom applications agreeing the business prerequisites of the clients.

Why to choose Gits Academy for ServiceNow Corporate Training?

Gits Academy conveyed a huge number of corporate trainings and we are considered as one of the best corporate training partner for ServiceNow training. Gits Academy Faculty is best in preparing the training needs relating to ServiceNow training.

We have a pool of coaches who are very much experienced, confirmed, qualified for preparing and are thought to be the best in the business. Gits Academy delivers trainings on ServiceNow over the globe. Our trainers have extensive experience in end-to-end ServiceNow.

How many Modules covered for ServiceNow and what the participants will learn at Gits Academy?

There are 14 modules covered at Gits Academy.

The Participants will gain exposure towards ServiceNow and what can be achieved on ServiceNow. Fundamentals pertaining to ServiceNow will be covered as part of this training.

Fulfillers are the users of ServiceNow who support all the procedure. This module assist the end-users to knowledge relating to the procedures and work processes executed in ServiceNow. This module highlights address and discourse and broad hands-on practice and support of the addresses, conveyed in a wide assortment of lab exercises.

In participants will Learn user management, customizing the ITSM applications, Reporting, Workflows, Social IT, Working with UI policies, Actions, Business rules and Client scripts, Configuring alerts and Notifications, Control system access and Data security etc. This module highlights lecture and discussion as well as extensive hands-on practice.

A detailed training will give on Reporting, Workflows, Service Catalog, , CMS, , Control system access and Data security ,Update sets, Data quality, Web-services API REST integrations, Creating Record Producer, Defining Reference Qualifiers etc.

This Module will help the learns to know how to deal with Asset lifecycle from request and procurement through retirement which incorporates Inventory, Track and Report on Assets, Managing resources adjusting with CMS, Managing software licenses and Compliance, Ensuring data quality ets.

A deep learning on how Governance, Risk and compliance are implemented using ServiceNow platform and how to deal with the GRC applications. Characterizing a risk framework and Subsume organization policies, Importing UCF reports, Applying risk management strategies etc.

Investigating the JavaScript API for Client-side and Server-side scripting to Customize UI policies, Scheduled jobs, Glide Record, Workflow scripts events , Business rules, Glide System, etc. and learn the complete scripting options in ServiceNow. Participants will write, test and debug scripts using real-world, relevant lab exercises.

Participants will learn how to build an application in the ServiceNow Platform utilizing the Application Creator and JavaScript. Participants will assemble an application by working through an agenda of contemplations for Application creation, including decisions, for example, Creating an application table versus Broadening a current table and deciding how clients will communicate with the application.

In this module user will learn holistic picture of the ServiceNow Discovery Solution, Core networking technology, Load balancing, Application mapping, and failover configuration of clusters, Coverage of 4 phases, building custom probes and sensors etc.

Learn how to associate your environment to your ServiceNow instance. Automating processes with external frameworks like O/S, How to automate Troubleshooting, Password Management, Software Management, Active Directory, Various Deployment Tools, Active Directory, Workflow Foundations, Credentials, etc.

Learn Introduction to ServiceNow Service Mapping arrangement, Top Down revelation to model entire business service, Installing and designing MID servers, Configuring administration mapping credentials, How to explore Service Mapping user interface, Modelling restrictive applications and connections, Inserts and updates to CIs in CMS etc.

Utilizing and administering the premium ServiceNow Performance Analytics application, Use cases, Architecture and Deployment process, Reporting utilizing Scorecards and Dashboards, Creating and Configuring data accumulation jobs, Building manual and equation based indicators and Adding breakdowns and relations etc.

The most effective method to actualize shared client frameworks utilizing Domain detachment relating to information, Process and framework apportioning, Developing fitting area engineering, Implementing process , UI and information space pecking order, Global joining focuses between areas, Setting and controls, Application bolster for Domain partition, Upgrade thought for a Domain Separated occasion.

Hands On execution preparing which incorporates System setup, Application security, LDAP coordination, REST, Web Services and Single Sign-on, Instance Management, Coding and Performance, Deployment of code, Go-live readiness and so on.

Prerequisite for ServiceNow training?

No pre-requisites for training on service now. But for ServiceNow scripting training needs some exposure towards programming.

Who are Audience for ServiceNow Training?

  • Functional, Administrators and Implementers
  • Any Programmers
  • Database Developers/Administrators
  • Testing Professionals
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Professionals
  • Customer Relationship Management Professionals
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Business Process Management Professionals
  • Middleware TL consultants professionals
  • Any degree Fresher’s
  • HP Service managers professionals
  • BMC Remedy professionals
  • Computer Associates Service Desk Managers
  • professionals
  • IBM Smart Cloud Desk Engineers professionals
  • ITSM/ITIL professionals
  • Business Analyst/System analyst
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