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Presentation Skills

Corporate training by Gits Academy on Presentation Skill gives participants a platform to demonstrate their influencing abilities, communication skills, promotion potential and leadership qualities.

Our objective is to make you learn the skills and techniques that will provide you both the competence and confidence for making presentations in all situations. The presentation skills corporate training course will help participants to develop, demonstrate, and present the presentation.

Presentation Skill Corporate Training provided by GITS Academy helps participant to learn:

  • Planning a presentation keeping the audience in mind.
  • Developing clear objectives for their presentation.
  • How to use attention grabbers to enhance their opening.
  • Developing effective visual aids.
  • Utilizing several other methods and tools for presenting.
  • How to use positive presentation style behaviours.
  • How to practice their skills of presenting.

Who Should Learn Presentation Skill?

An employee who’s making presentations is one of their job responsibilities.
And for all levels of staff who deliver presentations.

Training Topics

The Presentation Skills training program will cover 5 important elements of conducting effective business presentations.

  • Preparation
  • Design
  • Delivery
  • Persuasion
  • Logistics


  • Understanding the importance of preparation before presentations
  • Understanding the objective of the presentation
  • Analyzing and understanding the audience
  • Understanding time constraints and scheduling the presentation


  • Using an effective title
  • Determining the message
  • Crafting the storyline
  • Building a presentation storyboard
  • Writing the introduction
  • Planning the ending
  • Making the most of your visuals  pictures and graphs
  • Using animation


  • Dealing with nervousness and pressure
  • Organizing material for effective delivery
  • Professional image when making a presentation
  • Using different presentation styles
  • Using appropriate body language and voice modulation during presentations
  • Handling questions during presentations


  • Understanding the role of persuasion in presentations
  • Techniques of persuasion
  • Principles of powerful persuasion


  • Equipment needs
  • Contingency planning
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