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About Oracle DBA Training

The Oracle Database, Administration corporate training course is designed to provide you with a firm foundation in administration of an Oracle database. Through oracle DBA training course participants will get a clear understanding of Oracle Database architecture and learn managing of an Oracle database in an efficient and effective manner. Oracle DBA training course includes both Database as a Cloud Service and the on-premises Oracle Database.

You will benefit from Oracle Database Administration course as participants will learn detailed understanding on the architecture of an Oracle Database instance and database, allowing you to manage the database resources effectively. Learn how to create database storage structures suitable for the business applications supported by your database. Along this you will learn how to create users and administer database security to meet your business requirements. Even the basic information on backup and recovery techniques is available in this course.

To provide a satisfactory response time to users and take care of resources effectively, participants learn how to monitor the database and manage performance.

What The Participants will learn in Oracle DBA Training

Learn to manage an Oracle Database instance and configure the Oracle Network environment.
Learn to create and manage storage structures, manage and move data, create and manage users, monitor the database and manage performance.
Learn how to create and manage Database as Cloud Service database deployments and manage tablespaces.
Manage storage space
Understand basic Implement backup and recovery procedures.
How to monitor and tune database performance, Tune SQL to improve performance and manage resources with Oracle Database Resource Manager.
Learn how to register databases and manage performance with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.
Learn how to Backup, restore, and patch DBCS database deployments
Describe the DBaaS and on-premises Oracle Database architectures
Learn to Manage database instances, create pluggable databases (PDBs) and configure the Oracle network environment

Why to choose Gits Academy for Oracle SQL Corporate Training?

GITS Academy conveyed a huge number of corporate trainings and we are considered as one of the best corporate training partners for Oracle DBA training. GITS Academy Faculty is best in preparing the training needs relating to Oracle DBA training. We have a pool of trainers who are very much experienced, confirmed, qualified for delivering training and are found to be the best in the business. GITS Academy delivers trainings on Oracle DBA over the globe. Our trainers have extensive experience in end-to-end Oracle DBA.

Who should attend this course?

Employees who are working Database Administrators, Database Designers, Support Engineer, Technical Administrator, Data Warehouse Administrator.

June 16, 2017
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