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What is Oracle Business Analytics?

Oracle Business Analytics gives you a better ways to look into your data. You can do your own visual analysis to discover new examples initially. Blend and twist any data with a click, and then share the bits of knowledge as a visual story. Oracle Business Analytics is instantly available on mobile, on premises and in the cloud. It is Easy and Engaging, Secure and Adaptive. Information in each shape, at any scale, is going standard. Now no longer the data is viewed as a liability and IT headache, information has turned into a point of convergence for administrators. Because of its intense act of providing business value, Business Analytics currently seen as capital, one of an organization’s most significant resources and most valuable assets.

What is Oracle Data Visualization?

Oracle Data Visualization is one of the solutions provided from oracle to get moment clarity to enhance your business with stunningly visual analysis and self-benefit disclosure. Presently, more individuals can investigate more information and increase new experiences quicker. Oracle Data Visualization makes easy yet powerful visual analytics, accessible to everyone. You can drag and drop to see your data visualized automatically and change layouts. If you have questions about your data, search just like you would online, or brow to see the guided navigation to find what you’re looking for everything on the screen is connected, helping you more quickly understand and find value in your information When you uncover new insights, you can add comments to them to create visual stories that can be securely shared throughout the organization. It accessible on premises, in the cloud, and on the desktop and instant mobile. Oracle Data Visualization are that it gives you the best of both actions: precise, reliable analysis you can depend on and the usability and speed you have to change it.

Features of Data Visualization:

  • Visual: Rich, intuitive visuals demonstrate the story in your information and make it simple for you to share bits of knowledge. A basic, consistent affair expels the limits amongst disclosure and show, making it simple to see your information, work with representations, and make convincing dashboards and stories. Rapidly observe designs by selecting information in one perception, which highlights related information in everything else on the screen. Perceptions show naturally in view of the information you select, changing wisely as you include more characteristics or new channels.
  • Easy: As easy as you expect—upload your data, then drag and drop your way to compelling analysis.
  • Fast: Find answers on a quick click for exploration of all your data.
  • Smart: Interpret your data with visuals that are automatically connected and contextual.
  • Connected: Automatically analyse data from multiple sources and easily create intelligent integrations.
  • Instant Mobile: Full mobile authorization is at your fingertips – all it takes is a touch. See your analysis on any device, automatically – no coding required. Secure online and off. An adaptive approach optimizes the layout for phones and tablets, for an interface that’s easy to use on every device.

How this course will benefits the user?

  • Simple yet powerful visual analytics provide fast time to value
  • Start analyzing right away, no training required
  • Easy low cost subscription means you can start small and grow as you go
  • Automatic visualizations, data joining, mobile, and more save time and keep you focused on finding insights
  • Everything is connected by default, so you spend your time on analysis, not setup
  • Easy to highlight and share insights in your data , increasing collaboration
  • Familiar online experience makes it simple to find what you’re looking for
  • No specialized resources or IT support required.

In this course will benefits you as Basic yet intense visual investigation give quick time to value,Begin investigating immediately, no preparation required,Simple minimal effort membership implies you can begin little and develop as you go,Programmed perceptions, information joining, versatile, and more spare time and keep you concentrated on discovering insights,Everything is associated as a matter of course, so you invest your energy in examination, not setup,Simple to highlight and share bits of knowledge in your information , expanding collaboration,Natural online experience makes it easy to discover what you’re looking for,No specific assets or IT bolster required.

Who should learn Data Visualization?

Employees who are working on the functional or Technical roles as Application Developers, Business Analysts, HR Analytics, Technical Consultant, Data Modellers, Reports Developer, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Warehouse Developer, End Users, Developer, Functional Implementer and Technical Administrator.

Training Format at GITS Academy?

Classroom Training: You train in person or batch at GITS Academy facility. Includes in-class demonstrations and hands-on labs.

Online Training: You train in person or batch Online. You can pick your own particular timings, depending on the accessibility of the Trainer, batches will be allocated. Course participants will be given access to a private discussion board.

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