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There is a critical relationship between the powerful training and direction provided by the line managers, supervisors and trainers and the employee satisfaction, motivation and commitment. Training is one of the procedures by which the objective of a company is achieved. Training is commonly utilized and has a wide assortment of meanings relying upon one’s understanding and foundation. The learning manager of any organization needs to know how to recognize the need of the training, and the process of training that will be most effective to meet the prerequisite.

This corporate training will helps to recognize an extensive variety of training needs based on the paradigm of learner and makes a climate that supports good learning. It will make you comprehend the qualities and the effects of learning and advancement exercises in your organization. You will become more skilful in people management activities and be able to help newcomers through induction, and providing training to them.

What the participants will learn from Learning and Development Manager Corporate training at Gits Academy?

This corporate training program will help the HR experts to understand the Competency Iceberg Model, how to develop competency maps to use them in training in your enterprise. Through this training you will understand for valid competency assessment how BARS can be used and how to conduct valid competency assessment.

Individual diagnosis for performance consulting Learn Gilbert’s model, and 8 key aspects of good design. Learn To calculate human capital readiness indices which is globally used to measure strategic impact of L&D and Bloom’s taxonomy of learning. Learn to calculate cost in ROI and how to create L&D metric and get management buy in to training.

Who are target Audience for this training?

HR professionals, managers line supervisors and trainers Course Content:

  • What Is Competency
  • Competency Iceberg Model
  • Why Competencies
  • Classification of Competencies
  • Competency Measurement
  • Creating A Competency Maps
  • Quan Competence Framework
  • Competency Assessment Basics
  • Gilbert’s Model for Individual Diagnosis
  • What Are Assessment Centres
  • Types of Assessment Centre Techniques
  • Steps in Creating an Assessment Centre
  • Training Design Steps
  • Setting Learning Goals
  • What Are Objectives
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy Of Learning
  • Specifying Objectives
  • Differences Between Goals And Objectives
  • Assess Modes
  • Designing Training
  • Designing The Course
  • Sequencing Active Training Activities
  • Training Evaluation and Follow-up
  • Four Levels of Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation process
  • Reaction Level
  • Types Of Tests
  • Action Planning-Level 3 Assessment
  • Producing The Action Plan
  • Assessing The ROI Of Training
  • The Process Of Calculation ROI
  • Sample Measures
  • Perceptual Ladder
  • Buy In Model
June 16, 2017
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