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Key Account Management is sometimes seen as selling to and holding large and important customers and accounts. Key Account Management is a Strategic Business approach in managing lead customers with the objective of making long term profitability, growth and sustainability in partnerships. Key Account Management can be different based on the industry. Nonetheless, one thing is very clear and that is Key Account Management makes a strong external relationship with buyers and customers.

This training will discuss on practical strategies that are crucial to upgrade key account relationships and effective process in creating a high value partnership. Participants will get an understanding on the significance in Key Account Management relationship and the economies of scale in keeping valued clients s verses prospecting for new clients. The Key account management corporate training is designed as an advanced level programme for experienced sales people. The highly participative content gives key account managers with the modern day strategies which will help them to make MAJOR sales to MAJOR customers.

Key account management Corporate Training provided by GITS Academy helps participant to

  • Learn how to Increase the sales rate and understand the work of a Key Account Manager.
  • Know the importance of the Law of Averages and increasing average deal size.
  • Know the importance of increasing customer loyalty and overall market competition for improving customer retention.
  • Learn the Unique Selling Propositions (USP).
  • Manage and sustain long term value partnerships for increasing profits.
  • Ensure that The Key Account Manager and other key personnel involved and understand the importance of teamwork and how to manage profitable key accounts.

Who Should Attend Key account management Training

Key Account Managers, Key Account Executives and those who are working into a key account management role for the first time or those who have limited experience in managing accounts.

Key account management course content

  • The importance and effectiveness of Professional Selling
  • Understand the Sales cycle and some Sales terms
  • Why is Features and Benefits of products & services important
  • An understanding to the common Sales approach
  • What is your USP?
  • Is your USP Customer Driven or Sales Driven
  • Understand the importance of USP
  • Define your Key Accounts
  • The difference between Sales and Key Account Management
  • Key Account Managers K.A.S.H, roles and responsibilities
  • Key Accounts segmentation and prioritisation
  • KAM is an Organisation Change, NOT a Sales Technique
  • KAM focus on High Level buy in
  • The importance of selecting the right KAM champion
  • Identify your Strategic Account portfolio (Key Accounts)
  • Train and empower your Key Account Managers
  • Strategic Alignment within the organisation
  • Forseeable Risks and Failures
  • Steps to Great Key Account Management
  • Maintain excellent customer contacts
  • Improve market competitiveness
  • Understand Sales Strategies to succeed as a Key Account Manager
  • Be able to shift from a Sales perspective to a Key Account Managers role
  • Understand the importance of Negotiations
  • Keep a focus on Key Accounts Profitability and Long term growth
  • What is a Team & What is Teamwork?
  • The Benefits and Challenges in Team working in Key Accounts
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Shared responsibility in Key Account Management
  • Employee motivation within a postitive team culture
June 16, 2017
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