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The key skills required today by managers are communication, technology and leadership. However, influence skill is most important and required to achieve all the above skills.

Influencing your team, customers and bosses makes you a very valuable member of your organization. This course will help you to develop your positional power. We discuss and focus on how to build long-term relationships and trust by looking how the influential effects of situational leadership can help to achieve goals that inspire.

Gits Academy will help the participants to practice the necessary skills to achieve their personal objectives, maintaining strong and long-lasting professional relationships. It is strongly recommended for persons required to motivate, to manage or to influence their colleagues, customers or suppliers.

Influencing skill Corporate Training provided by GITS Academy helps participant to:

  • Identify the correct and good language that influences others.
  • Learn how the use of non-verbal’s creating persuasive influences.
  • Learn to plan and run effective meetings.
  • Identify different learning styles of others and how to use to influence others.
  • Create situations to identify and how to get the best out of you and others.
  • Design wow presentations that will attract audiences.
  • Learn what motivates others to achieve the goal.
  • Identify how to build trust and confidence in client, colleague, and customers
  • Understand what the keys to persuasive and influential behaviour are.

Training Topics

Examining the meaning of effective influence and identifying the skills that are needed to effect positive influence.

Understanding the importance of networking and discovering how to prioritise networking time/activities

Analysing and improving existing networks according to priorities and needs

Understanding different sources of power and uses and abuses of power

Recognising the important differences between commitment and compliance

Developing a flexible approach to reach desired outcomes

Introducing key components of achieving positive results to influencing attemptsIntroducing key components of achieving positive results to influencing attempts

Developing empathetic relationships as a tool for effective influence

Understanding and developing crucial elements of credibility, including first impressions and ongoing behaviours

Recognising mutual expectations and overcoming barriers to influencing colleagues

Identifying continuing personal development needs and extending learning into the workplace.

June 17, 2017
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