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Communication Skills Corporate Training

Communication is an important skill for conducting business, particularly in the international context. To be best in any role you need to understand yourself as well as others, and know how to build and keep effective relationships with clients, customers and colleagues.

Corporate training by Gits Academy on Communication Skill helps participants to improve your understanding of cross-cultural differences, explore different and other methods of communication, and make you learn how to transfer information clearly and compactly according to the needs of your audiences.

What Participants will learn?What Participants will learn?

  • How to improve the effectiveness of your communication.
  • Understanding Communication Dynamics.
  • Learn to Increasing confidence.
  • Understanding and Improving Body Language.
  • Giving a thought from other points of view.
  • Developing Effective Listening and Responding Skills.
  • Understanding Active vs. Passive vs. Reflective Listening.
  • Learn how to structure information that is communicated to you.
  • How to Keep communication precise and to the point.

Who Should Learn Communication Skill?

All levels of management can take up this course.

Training Topics

The Basics of Interpersonal Communication

  • To educate participants on tips and strategies that will enable them to create powerful results in business relationships.
    • Structuring communication:
      • Having a clear objective
      • Highlighting critical points
      • Being clear and concise
      • Understanding the audience
      • Rapport building
    • Developing effective probing skills
      • asking the right questions
      • Paraphrasing
      • Summarizing
    • Listening
      • Active Listening
      • Reflective Listening
      • Passive Listening
    • Dealing with difficult conversations
    • Giving and receiving feedback
  • To enable participants create a lasting positive impression when they meet people for the first time in business situations.
    • Non-verbal
      • Smiling
      • Posture
      • Handshake
      • Eye Contact
    • Self-introductions
    • Handling introductions
    • Exchanging business cards
  • To equip participants with strategies to conduct themselves in a healthy and positive manner during meetings with their colleagues and their customers.
    • Conference Call Etiquette
      • Ground rules for conference calls
      • Making introductions
      • Punctuality
      • Do’s and don’ts on conference calls
      • Using the ‘Mute’ function
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