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Our Change Management Skill Training contains powerful change resolution techniques that significantly help to improve the changes.

As responding to change requires a continuous change programme where the company can constantly and dynamically adapt. Alternatively, an organisation may need to go through a major change programme periodically to remain competitive. Going through change can be quite costly, but it is a necessary part of progressing forward. People in charge of a change management progress must consider a variety of areas such as organisational change, persuasion, how to communicate the need for change, how to gain momentum, how to overcome resistance to change and how to deal with powerful resisting stakeholders to succeed.

The Change management Skill Training provided by GITS Academy helps participant to learn

  • How people handle change and why their reactions matter?
  • How to plan stages of a change process and increase the likelihood of success by adhering to proven principles of change management
  • Why people are afraid of change and use behavioural techniques to overcome their resistance to change
  • To Identify skill gaps and required infrastructural changes through a structured approach
  • How to Evaluate people’s performance and use coaching and mentoring to motivate them towards change
  • The various tools used to identify which areas you need to focus on the most and brainstorm ideas on how to move the change process forward

In Change management Training learns how change affects people and how people respond to change. Get to know the 8 stages of change and principal of effective change. Learn to manage change resistance, three critical component of change management. Understand how Skill/ Will Matrix are used for coaching and managing change. In this training learn how management tool are used for brainstorming ideas on change and structuring plans and activities.

Training Topic

  • Basics of change management
  • Understanding levels of change
  • Identifying misconceptions about change
  • Importance of change
  • Understanding the benefits of change
  • Identifying essential areas of change
  • Leading change
  • Promoting successful change
  • Understanding resilience
  • Steps of a change process
  • Analyze a situation
  • Understanding the aspects of change
  • Choose an action
  • Implement the action
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Motivating employees
  • Preventing failure
  • Monitor the progress
  • Resistance
  • Resisting change
  • Understanding negative reactions
  • Easing the tension
  • Complacency
  • Identifying causes of complacency
  • Crisis
  • Reacting to a crisis
  • Preparing for a crisis
  • Creativity
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Commitment
  • Developing commitment
  • Communication
  • Communicating during a change
  • Demonstrating support by listening
  • Controlling the grapevine
  • Truths and misconceptions
  • Identifying truths and misconceptions
  • Understanding the transition process
  • Factors affecting response
  • Understanding response styles
  • The endings phase
  • Understanding the endings phase
  • Managing the endings phase
  • The exploration phase
  • Understanding the exploration phase
  • Understanding responses
  • Understanding needs
  • Management of the exploration phase
  • Managing uncertainty
  • The new beginnings phase
  • Understanding the new beginnings phase
  • Understanding needs
  • Management of the new beginnings phase
  • Understanding communication guidelines
June 17, 2017
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