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This assertiveness skills training is intended to help people understand the patterns of behaviour and thought they have obtained which leave them feeling impaired, put upon, angry and exploited.

This training will help to learn to say No effectively.

The Training helps in exploring and recognising the behavioural patterns. We look to increase the choice of response available when under pressure and thus enable people to make the small changes which matter. We also take time to look at all of the things which are already working for the individual.

We look at real life situations where these small changes can be put in place to create a big impact and establish new patterns which are more helpful to the individual.

Assertiveness Corporate Training provided by GITS Academy helps participant to:

  • Understand why you feel disempowered
  • Change yourself to change others
  • The smallest change for the biggest impact
  • There is no right way
  • Setting clear boundaries
  • Move things forward
  • Use what already works
  • Knowing you have something else to try
  • Experiential working with real situations

Assertiveness course content

  • What is Assertiveness?
  • Assertiveness and Assumptions
  • Assertiveness and Status
  • Conflict and Assertiveness
  • Assertiveness – Setting Clear Boundaries
  • The Art of Saying ‘No’ and other Assertiveness tools
  • Skills of Assertive Communication:
    • Persuasion
      • In-depth perception
      • Using others to persuade
      • Empathy
      • Managing emotions
    • Negotiation
      • Types of negotiation
      • Stages of negotiation
      • Skills of negotiation
  • Dealing with ‘Aggressive’ and ‘Submissive’ behavior
June 16, 2017
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