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Why corporate training is important for your organization?

Corporate training is an investment for your organization to achieve future goals.  Corporate training includes all the measures an organization employs to give employees a chance to further develop and acquire new skills. Having a skilled workforce is one of the keys to success for organization. A corporate training program allows you to strengthen your employees skills that each employee needs to improve. An enhanced training program brings employees to a higher level so, they all have common skills and knowledge. So, corporate training become important, as it helps to enhance employees’ technical or functional potential, and offering a high-quality training service, delivered and developed by professional and skilled trainers, could allow your organization to stand out among your competitors.

Why corporate training is outsourced to skill up employees?

Even Companies having their own learning and development or training departments, organization choose to outsource training instead of hiring their own instructional designers, the most important reason behind this is COST, as outsourcing training is very cost effective, they help in handling overall training programme at cheaper rates., The training Institutions helps the company to overcome from all training process, offering cheaper course rates, designing courses, conducting online training, customized training programs, providing on site/In house training options, create mutual training programme that fits the companies L&D requirement, providing highly qualified and experienced trainers or professionals from the specialized industries to deliver corporate training to meet the organizational goals.

What is making corporate training more effective/successful nowadays?

The most important reason for corporate training to be successful is the “flexibility”, the corporate training companies are flexible in offering the training programs as per the client’s requirement. The corporate training providers blend the learning objectives for the organization, as corporate companies combine the traditional with online training that allow to have a complete control over how, when, and where the companies want to get trained their employees, in order to help the employees to develop their skill sets and thus boost their work performance. The external training providers blend the learning management system as per the client requirement that is best for their employees in terms of knowledge and practice. The second most important reason is “Feedback”, the corporate training provider works positively on the feedback they receive from the clients or the participants, and collectively work on strength, weaknesses so that we make a broad path to improve the effectiveness of overall training program. As we believe that feedback from client or participants is not only be used as an indication of our performance levels, but also improving our training strategy evaluation tool.

What is the role of External or outsourced corporate training into learning and Development?

As you know Training is an “investment” for any learning and development department that helps to ensure the future success of your company. So, your return on Investment is maximized on selection of best corporate training company as they will provide with all the expertise in training which in turn you can save a great deal of money. An outsourced training provider who is a true partner can help to develop new training paths for your organization and further align training spend with business requirements. Companies outsourcing SME trainer for their learning and development initiative will lead to a higher level of learning consistency across the enterprise. The Corporate training partner’s helps to design the complex training programs for you and also with number of positive returns, like it helps the organization to focus on its core competencies, align training initiatives with key business objectives, which in turn help organizations maximize learning ROI and better determination of training’s impact on company operations and culture. The External Corporate training provider is responsible for both the training activities (content development, developing or customizing online training courses, designing learning management system , delivery, logistics, post-training follow up), and other unseen training cost.

How corporate training partner helps in handling training challenges for the organisation?

A corporate training program with a worldwide impression has its own unique set of problems and obstacles like different time zones worldwide which affects the availability of participants/trainees/associates as well as the trainers on a specific time, logistic issues, training modes, handling of the current on-going projects, handling large volumes of participants and many more. We are HERE to handle all your obstacles regarding training programme.

Gits Academy is capable to provide you expert trainers as per the time zones. To organize a training program we need to consider various factors like availability of the training facility, availability of participants, hardware etc. Availability of the participants can be the most critical part of this due to the challenge of different time zones.

This issue can be handled at GITS Academy using our LMS which gives you the flexibility of learning at your own time with the unlimited access to the training content, Quiz, lab, assessments and the availability of live support of trainer’s on the specific schedule.

How Gits Academy is different from other training providers/partners?

GITS Academy offers the best training curriculum in Bangalore in both retail and corporate market. We are expertise in

  • Prompt to response
  • Offer Fast-Track Training Sessions
  • Single window concept
  • On time delivery of the assignment
  • Proper backup of the resources
  • Third party venue hiring support
  • Provide  all certified trainers
  • Good clientele
  • In-house facility in Bangalore
  • Economic and affordable pricing

Who are the trainers you provide?

All our trainers are certified and qualified in their respective domain from corporate with real time work experience.

Do you customize the training content according to our requirement?

We have our own content which is being prepared by industries experts, but always open for the customization based on client need. So every time we check client’s requirements and would tweak the content accordingly. We framed our syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner levels to advanced level.

What are the rates for these trainings?

Rates may differ based on various factors like technology, availability of the respective trainer, no participants, no of hours and the location, and also on the size of the contract.

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