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Why the need to learn Tableau ?

In today’s modern Business it really needs a good amount of knowledge and capability for a data analyst to convey what the Data might be suggesting at. An analyst might be involved in performing a really complex analysis but all his efforts would be futile until the analysis has been communicated really effectively. All the efforts are a waste until that analysis is being easily and effectively absorbed by a larger section of people who are really not tech-savvy or are not PhD degree holders in statistics. There is definitely a very strong need of a tool which can aid an Analyst perform the analysis very quickly and also the capability to share with the desired audience.

Position with respect to Competitor’s

Tableau is the market leader in the Data Visualization segment and has been at the leader position in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the last 2 years, consistently. CIOs from almost all the domains have rated Tableau as their first choice when it comes to Data Visualization segment.Tableau makes the Data Analysis really simple and at the same time is really effective and appealing to the end users as well. Tableau is a really potent weapon in an Data Analyst arsenal because it has in built in intelligence to adapt itself to the kind of the data, you are working with. It has one of the highest in built adapters to connect to a wide array of Data sources from simple excel files to the complex Data Warehouses like SAP.Many leading Data Analysts use Tableau as their go-to Analytics tool. Tableau can create really beautiful visualizations in few seconds with minimal coding efforts unlike other Data Visualization tools in this category. Also for end users, Tableau really gives in so much space for interacting with the different visualizations that slicing and dicing data looks like a cakewalk.

Our Curriculum

In our offering to learn Tableau we would make the candidate learn all the intricacies of Tableau through several exercises. The sessions for Tableau are well oriented for any candidate with no prior background in Data Analysis domain and also for people who have been professionally associated to Data Reporting domain using tools like Excel, etc. At the end of the curriculum the candidate will be aware of the fine nuances of Data Visualization along with the art of effective presentation using Tableau.

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