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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a scripting language developed by Microsoft which allows the development of user-defined functions and the automation of certain processes and calculations, Learn Process Automation, Report Automation, Dynamic Pivot, Interaction to Databases Etc.


Are you looking for VBA  Class Room / Online or corporate training? GITS Academy is the best fit for you!

VBA Advanced course is designed for the audience who has prior knowledge on Advanced excel, and keen to learn excel automation. Being the best VBA training institute in Bangalore, we design our courses to help students learn with industry exposure and bridge the gap between learning and industry expectation. This Program is designed for absolute beginners in VBA programming, which covers basic programming concepts to advanced level of programming.


15 days Classroom

30hrs of Live  Weekend Training

30 hrs online Training

Live Project based learning

Multiple Assignments

5+ Case Studies

Real-world examples

Training By Industry Experts

Custom-designed courses

Learning objective of VBA Advanced Course

At the end of the training the participants would learn/use/acquire the following techniques:

  • Process Automation
  • Tool Development – Excel
  • Report Generation Automation
  • Eliminate Manual Process/Manual Interaction
  • Organize & Managing data easily using the tool
  • Excel Based Automation
  • Automation of Import/Export utility
  • Organizing data into Multiple workbooks/worksheets
  • Dynamic Pivot Tables
  • Dynamic Charts
  • Interaction to Databases (MS-Access, SQL Server etc.)
  • Interaction of Applications (eg: PowerPoint, Outlook, Word)
  • Automate the Send e-mail (Download attachment, send file etc.)
  • Eliminate Manual Process/Manual Interaction
  • Automate complex analysis easily


Whether you want to get a good job or increase the chances of getting a promotion in your current job, you need to constantly update yourself. With such high competition in the job market, it becomes imperative for each individual to constantly learn and develop their technical and soft skills. You will have many commitments, both in personal life and in office. So, you will not be able to find time to study further or take up a certification program. Gits Academy understands the problems faced by professionals. That’s why we have custom designed our learning programs to suit your needs and requirements. So, even as you are working or studying, you can take up an online excel VBA training program.

Visual Basic for Applications is a Microsoft programming language that can be used to create various macros in excel sheet. These macros can be used to prepare graphs and charts, do huge calculations, and generate reports. While dealing with huge amounts of data, manually calculating or generating reports can be difficult and time consuming. Plus, the chances of making errors are high. So, you can create a macro that will automate the entire process. When you take up excel macros training online, you can make the best use of the various functions and features available in the spreadsheet. Creating and applying macros in various applications can reduce your workload and improve your performance and efficiency.

When you take up online excel VBA training program at Gits Academy, you need to attend 15 days of classroom/online session. Don’t worry, we will schedule the classes according to your convenience. So, you can comfortably take up the classes. We also set up classroom sessions during the weekends, so that you will be able to attend them without taking leave from work or college. The training program includes 30 hours of live session and 30 hours of online training. We also have live project based training. Our trainers will take up real-world examples, so that you can easily understand the complex concepts. Moreover, our trainers will encourage you to bring in problems and challenges in excel related to your work. They will work with you to create macros that you can use in your day-to-day operations. Such practical learning will definitely help you perform better in your workplace.

Multiple questions & answer, assignments, and projects will help track your learning and apply your learnings. Our trainers are highly experienced in the field and have ample training expertise. They will try their utmost best to make your learning experience fun and interesting. We also bring in industry experts to give you a better understanding of how you can apply your VBA training in the workplace.

The best part of taking up excel macros training online at Gits Academy is that we can customize the training program to meet your specific needs and requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us via email or phone to enroll yourself in this training program.

VBA Developer

VBA Programmer

Easily find the jobs in Organization (eg: Finance, Banking, Sales, Insurance, Retail etc.)

Reduces the Process Time

User Friendly tool

A user can run reports easily

Opportunities for New Business reports, MIS Reports.

Cost effective report

The training delivery would be case based instructor lead training.

Each training day the participants learn the VBA topics and would solve cases.

8 + 2 =

Course Curriculum

Getting Started with Excel VBA 00:00:00
Visual Basic Editor (VBE) in Excel 00:00:00
The Project Window in the Visual Basic Editor of Excel 00:00:00
The Properties Window in the Visual Basic Editor of Excel 00:00:00
The Code Window in the Visual Basic Editor of Excel 00:00:00
Developing Macros in the VBE 00:00:00
Testing Macros in the VBE 00:00:00
Excel Macros Recorder 00:00:00
Modifying Macros in the VBE 00:00:00
VBA Security and protection. 00:00:00
VBA Events 00:00:00
Code in VBA for Excel 00:00:00
Working with the Application, Workbooks, worksheets 00:00:00
Playing around the Worksheet 00:00:00
Communicating with users using Message and Input Boxes 00:00:00
Working with Excel Database and Filters 00:00:00
Dealing with Errors 00:00:00
Bug Extermination / Debugging Techniques 00:00:00
Working with Variables 00:00:00
Working with Statements/Loops/Functions. 00:00:00
Add-Ins 00:00:00
Working with External Data and SQL 00:00:00
Working with Windows and other Microsoft Programs 00:00:00
Forms (User forms) in VBA for Excel. 00:00:00
Properties and VBA code for Command Buttons. 00:00:00
Properties and VBA code for Labels & Text Boxes. 00:00:00
Properties and VBA code for Combo Boxes 00:00:00
Properties and VBA code for List Boxes. 00:00:00
Properties & VBA code for Check Boxes, Option Buttons & Frames 00:00:00
Properties and VBA code for Spin Buttons. 00:00:00
Excel VBA Controls’ Properties and VBA Code. 00:00:00

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