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Learn No1. Data Visualization tool. Tableau 9 by Industry Experts having 8+ years of Experience. 25 hours of hands on training.


Business Analytics and Data Visualization hold the key to smart decision making! Get data visualization and business intelligence training in Bangalore @ GITS Academy and make a name for yourself!


Tableau Hands on classroom/online training on  ! Data Visualization & BI, Training will be given on Tableau Developer and Designer. Our Tableau data visualization course will take you from a first introduction to Tableau right through to advanced subjects such as complex data transformations, advanced expressions, set analysis and data visualization techniques in just 30 hrs. At the end of the course you will be well equipped to design and build your own end-to-end Tableau applications following user experience and performance best practices.


8 days Classroom
30hrs of Live Weekend Training
25 hrs online Training
Live Project based learning
Multiple Assignments

Real-world examples

Certified instructors

Training By Industry Experts

Custom-designed courses

Learning objective of Tableau Desktop

At the end of the training the participants would learn/use/acquire the following techniques:

  • Tableau data model in Tableau
  • How to use of Tableau sheet objects
  • Visual representation of Data
  • Visualization design
  • Develop user-centered workflows
  • Organize and structure information
  • Create Tableau applications
  • Build a Tableau application
  • Define the advanced uses of the script editor
  • Use, Transformative Functions in the scrip


In this highly competitive market, it is important for businesses to make quick and accurate decisions. To do this, they need access to the right data at the right time. Moreover, it is important to have the data in a presentable format to get the right picture of the scenario and make the right business decisions. Business intelligence and business analysis tools and methods enable managers to get valuable information from the scores of data. Both multinational and small companies are looking for certified business analysts for data mining, data visualization, and data analysis. If you too want to get such a plush job or improve your resume in your current position, you can take up Tableau Online Training program.

Gits Academy, located in Bangalore, offers the best Tableau Online Training in India. In our training institute, we give importance to real time scenarios, projects, and regular assessments, which will help students use their learning in practical applications. Our trainers are subject matter experts with many years of experience in the industry. So, you can be confident that when you take up the Online Tableau Course, you will be trained by the best resources in the industry.

The Tableau Software Training program offered by Gits Academy has a duration of 30 hours. The training course duration includes live weekend training, interactive sessions, and classroom sessions. We have custom-designed courses for corporate companies. If you want to set up a consistent training program for freshers or current staff on roll, Gits Academy can design the Tableau Advanced Training course and curriculum to meet your specific needs.

The Tableau Corporate Training program syllabus includes advanced expressions, data visualization techniques, set analysis, and complex data transformations. You will learn about creating visual analytics, building visualizations, creating data calculations, and developing Ad Hoc analytics environment in the Tableau Online Training program. The trainers will also give you tips and pointers on using the software tool for effective data visualization. At the end of the Online Tableau Course, you should be able to create interesting and informative dashboards for data visualization. You should also be able to build end-to-end Tableau applications required for your project.

When you learn Tableau Online, you save a lot of time and effort. Moreover, the course program is designed for professionals who are working full time. This means that there is a lot of flexibility in the course schedule and assessments. We will provide all the assistance you need to successfully complete the course. After you complete the Tableau Training in Bangalore Gits Academy, you can also avail placement assistance. We will help you find the right jobs that match your experience, certification, and skills sets.

Do you want to study Tableau Training in Bangalore from top experts in the industry? Gits Academy is your best option. Fill in the popup form with email and other contact details, and we will get back to you at the earliest. If you want to know more about the Business Analytics Courses offered in Gits Academy, you can call us or walk in to our head office in Bangalore.

In today’s modern Business it really needs a good amount of knowledge and capability for a data analyst to convey what the Data might be suggesting at. An analyst might be involved in performing a really complex analysis but all his efforts would be futile until the analysis has been communicated really effectively. All the efforts are a waste until that analysis is being easily and effectively absorbed by a larger section of people who are really not tech-savvy or are not PhD degree holders in statistics. There is definitely a very strong need of a tool  which can aid an Analyst perform the analysis very quickly and also the capability to share with the desired audience.

Register for our Tableau  training in Bangalore today and create a wonderful career map for yourself!

Exposure to Basic/Elementary programming in any language and basic understanding of Excel.

Tableau is the market leader in the Data Visualization segment and has been at the leader position in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the last 2 years, consistently.

CIOs from almost all the domains have rated Tableau as their first choice when it comes to Data Visualization segment.Tableau makes the Data Analysis really simple and at the same time is really effective and appealing to the end users as well. Tableau is a really potent weapon in an Data Analyst arsenal because it has in built in intelligence to adapt itself to the kind of the data, you are working with.

It has one of the highest in built adapters to connect to a wide array of Data sources from simple excel files to the complex Data Warehouses like SAP.Many leading Data Analysts use Tableau as their go-to Analytics tool.

Tableau can create really beautiful visualizations in few seconds with minimal coding efforts unlike other Data Visualization tools in this category. Also for end users, Tableau really gives in so much space for interacting with the different visualizations that slicing and dicing data looks like a cakewalk.

In our offering to learn Tableau we would make the candidate learn all the intricacies of Tableau through several exercises. The sessions for Tableau are well oriented for any candidate with no prior background in Data Analysis domain and also for people who have been professionally associated to Data Reporting domain using tools like Excel, etc. At the end of the curriculum the candidate will be aware of the fine nuances of Data Visualization along with the art of effective presentation using Tableau.

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Course Curriculum

Overview of Tableau Desktop 00:00:00
The shortcomings of traditional information analysis 00:00:00
The business case for visual analysis 00:00:00
The tableau software ecosystem 00:00:00
Introducing the tableau desktop workspace, notes 00:00:00
Overview 00:00:00
How to connect to your data 00:00:00
What are generated values? 00:00:00
Knowing when to use a direct connection or a data extract 00:00:00
Joining database tables with tableau 00:00:00
Blending different data sources in a single worksheet 00:00:00
How to deal with data quality problems 00:00:00
Overview 00:00:00
Fast and easy analysis via show me 00:00:00
How show me works 00:00:00
Trend lines and reference lines 00:00:00
Sorting data in tableau 00:00:00
Enhancing views with filters, sets, groups, and hierarchies 00:00:00
Overview 00:00:00
What is aggregation? 00:00:00
What are calculated values and table calculations? 00:00:00
Using the calculation dialog box to create calculated values 00:00:00
Building formulas using table calculations 00:00:00
Using table calculation functions 00:00:00
Adding flexibility to calculations with parameters 00:00:00
Using the function reference appendix 00:00:00
SECTION-5 Using maps to improve insight
Overview 00:00:00
Creating a standard map view 00:00:00
Plotting your own locations on a map 00:00:00
Replacing tableau’s standard maps 00:00:00
Shaping data to enable point to point mapping 00:00:00
Animating maps using the pages shelf or slider filters 00:00:00
Overview 00:00:00
Generating new data with forecasts 00:00:00
Providing self-service ad hoc analysis with parameters 00:00:00
Editing views in tableau server 00:00:00
Overview 00:00:00
Saving time and improving formatting 00:00:00
Improving appearance to convey meaning more precisely 00:00:00
Customizing shapes, colors, fonts, and images 00:00:00
Advanced chart types 00:00:00
Overview 00:00:00
How dashboard facilitates analysis and understanding 00:00:00
How tableau improves the dashboard building process 00:00:00
The wrong way to build a dashboard 00:00:00
The right way to build a dashboard 00:00:00
Best practices for dashboard building 00:00:00
Building your first advanced dashboard 00:00:00
Sharing your dashboard with tableau reader 00:00:00
Sharing dashboards with tableau online or tableau server 00:00:00

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  1. Increadibly useful


    Very good for people like me.

  2. Profile photo of AYUSH PANDEY



    I have done Tableau training here and I must say very much confident about the skills now the faculty here Is too experienced and they teach very well I’m too happy I chose Gits.

  3. Profile photo of MUNISHA AMIN



    I am extremely satisfied with the course so far. The instructor, Yogesh, did a marvellous job — clear communication, calm and steady control of the material,…illuminating illustrations and examples. Thanks Gits .

  4. Profile photo of SIDDARTH MALHOTRA



    I trained on Gits Business Analytics training. Faculties are too good and well experience will recommend everyone to join this institute.

  5. Profile photo of JASWANTH JAIN



    Gits academy is the best institute in Bangalore. I suggest new beginner to join in the academy to get trained in various course especially Tableau.

  6. Profile photo of VIVEK SAMUDRALA



    Very good institute, I had joined for Tableau training the Trainer was very good …it was value for much money, was totally satisfied they even helped in getting job as well.

  7. Profile photo of HRITHIK ANTHWAL



    It was a very good experience to learn Tableau from GITS ACADEMY…..Faculty members are very knowledgeable and cooperative…..

  8. Profile photo of NIDHI YADAV



    Hi folks, personally I feel your business model is filling a gap that was there from long. The key to future successes will be continuous improvement and renovation of processes by taking frequent customer feedback. And based on the recent communications with Team GITS, I believe that you are already rocking!!

  9. Profile photo of AAFREEN ASHRAFI



    The Analytics course at GITS was very good. The Trainers are well experienced had a good hands on knowledge about the subject. They answer all the questions asked and sort out the doubts. The support team is also very active. In case of any issue they solve it as soon as possible.

  10. Profile photo of MAYANK GUPTA



    Its good the best institute for learners ,i have completed Tableau course ,The trainer is well qualified and experienced person, Thank You GITS.

  11. Profile photo of PRASANTH VK



    I Joined with GITS Tableau Training. Faculties are too good and well experienced will recommend everyone to join this Institute.

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